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The Best HR Software for Busy Restaurants

The Best HR Software for Busy Restaurants

Unlike most corporate HR teams, human resources in the hospitality sector occur in a complex and fast-paced environment. This comes with some unique challenges.  

For example, hospitality has one of the highest employee turnover rates of all industries. As a result, hiring and retaining skilled employees who can handle the pressure and delight your customers daily is difficult. 

This constant change in staff requires continuous training of new personnel, from memorizing menus to customer service skills. This is time-consuming and reduces the opportunity to maximize and improve the customer's experience.  

Keeping up with these many demands is an uphill task, even for the most experienced HR teams.  

However, using the right HR software solves many of your HR teams' daily struggles.  

Even if your restaurant's HR team consists of just you. 

Must-Have Features of HR software for restaurants   

Here are the essential features of the best restaurant HR software: 


This feature allows employees and managers to access the software from any internet-connected device. It eliminates the traditional concept of having information tethered to a desktop at the restaurant. 

This means restaurant staff can access information from both within and outside the restaurant location.  

Mobile app enabled 

The best restaurant HR software comes with an app for employees. Employees can quickly request sick days and follow up on their shift information through the app. This dramatically reduces filing for HR offices in busy restaurants. In addition, it makes relaying the information to the large workforce easier. 

Legally compliant 

The HR software must be created with federal, state, and local rules and regulations in mind. The information must be collected and stored in a way that complies with all legislation the government sets.  

For example, the software must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires all employee records to be kept for three years. 

Integrated modules 

Integrating different HR modules reduces the re-entry of tasks such as processing payroll, time and attendance stamps, etc. For instance, when onboarding and payroll modules are integrated, information input in onboarding automatically gets updated in the payrolls. 

Important integrated HR software modules 

Here are some of the modules and the part they play in solving HR problems: 

Payroll software 

Making restaurant payrolls is very time-consuming and ripe for mistakes.  

Restaurant payroll software makes payroll processing faster, easier, and more accurate. You can execute and manage your payroll on time, every time. 

Recruiting software 

Recruiting software for restaurants reduces the time required to hire new employees. In addition, the software eliminates the paperwork because applications are filled out online.  

 It posts job vacancies on online job boards and has an applicant tracking system that vets all applications made and sorts them according to the skill set of the applicants.  

Onboarding software 

Initial forms can be filled out, submitted, and approved online instead of paper files. In addition, all newly hired staff's information is added to the software's database.  

Employee scheduling software 

Using this module, employees can enter their availability to pick up extra hours and swap shifts as easily as if they were checking an email. Managers then approve these changes online. 

Manager self-service portal 

Manager Self-Service enables company managers to access the information they need about their employees. For example, managers can review and approve PTO requests, recent benefits usage, and payroll. 

Employee self-service portal 

The ideal HR software has a self-service portal that enables employees to log in from anywhere to view HR information or view and submit time off requests. This makes it unnecessary for employees to ask HR for help. 

Reducing turnover with HR software 

Finding and retaining a good employee base in a booming restaurant business is challenging. Zamp HR offers the best HR software for busy restaurants looking to make their employees' lives easier. 

Employees will have a more effortless time scheduling shifts, requesting PTO, accessing their benefits plan, and other tasks ordinarily handled by an HR representative (or by yourself). 

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