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Cut Hiring Costs with Zamp HR

Cut Hiring Costs with Zamp HR

Are you needing to hire a new employee? Whether it's to replace somebody who quit or to expand your staffing to meet new needs as your company grows, hiring can be an expensive proposition. As of 2019, for example, the cost of hiring an external headhunter averages $20,283. Doing everything in house also incurs costs. Think about the time your hiring manager is spending on writing the job description, identifying the core functions and skills for new jobs, working out what the salary should be, conducting interviews, etc.

HR outsourcing can help cut some of these costs. For example, they may have position descriptions from similar jobs on file that you can use as a starting point, or they may already have the market rate for the job. They can also help you offer perks which can get your position filled faster and with a higher quality applicant.

ZampHR is particularly valuable over other HR outsourcing solutions and even most Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). Here are some reasons why.

Integrate ATS Software

Working with ZampHR gives you access to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software. An ATS stores the information from applicants into a database, which can easily be accessed and searched. It also makes applying to your job easier by letting applicants upload their information or even import it from their LinkedIn profile. This kind of software can be very expensive, especially for smaller companies that don't need to use it as often. The software is integrated with online onboarding and payroll, meaning no duplicative paperwork to waste your in-house HR team's time.  Applicant tracking software has been demonstrated to improve hiring outcomes by quickly identifying applicants that are clearly unqualified, ensuring that applicants (including rejected ones) are properly notified, and overall improving efficiency.

By using ATS software you save time and reduce the amount of physical paper that has to be printed (and may be lost). It also allows you to handle applicant communication better and reduces the risk of accidentally "ghosting" a potentially good applicant. Because ATS notifies disqualified applicants, you get a reputation for being one of the few companies that actually takes the time and care to tell people they did not get the job. You can also track where you found the candidate, which can inform future advertising efforts, and ensure that you don't waste time and money on efforts which have not panned out in the past. 

Increase Employee Retention

The easiest way to reduce your hiring costs is not to hire as many new employees. Every new employee you bring on costs about 38% of their salary in onboarding and training costs. Thus, employee retention becomes key to saving money on hiring costs. Employee retention also improves overall productivity (trained employees do their job faster) and helps with institutional memory, which increases efficiency over time.

ZampHR can help you reduce employee turnover by giving you access to an improved benefits package, far better than you can afford on your own. This helps retain your existing employees. Outsourcing HR can also help improve retention by freeing your HR team to work on building a better company culture, and turning your business into a great place to work. Having a strong company culture helps by encouraging employees to stay on, and then can be highlighted in the hiring process to ensure that your new employees are a good fit for the rest of the office. ZampHR can also help by lending their expertise in ways to improve engagement and morale.

Boost Efficiency

Especially if you hire new employees relatively infrequently, it's probable that your hiring practices are not as efficient as they might be. Many companies waste a lot of time on inefficient manual processes that they put together based off of what they have seen others do in the past. ZampHR has much more experience, and they use this to help you find the right candidates. They know hiring trends and know exactly how to gather the most qualified candidates in the shortest time.

This means that your HR staff are not spending a lot of time finding candidates and poring over resumes. Instead, they can focus on other HR duties and on the more intensive parts of the hiring process, such as conducting interviews. Your in-house HR team's time is far better spent on strategic growth and strengthening your company culture than trying to decide whether somebody is really qualified for a job. It also reduces the length of time it takes to replace a departing employee, and thus the amount of time for which you are understaffed or forced to hire a temp.

ZampHR will handle your advertisements and job board postings, attend job fairs on your behalf (which can save money, as these can be expensive. ZampHR can spread that cost out across multiple clients), and do follow ups. They can even do your preliminary interviews, providing you with a short list of qualified candidates from whom you can choose the one that feels like the best fit for your company. Once you have found a candidate, they will handle the necessary paperwork including contracts and offer letters.

ZampHR lowers recruiting costs. Through their software and services, you save money both directly and through significant time savings. If you are entering a growth phase and looking into hiring new employees, especially if you are already concerned about HR workload, ZampHR can help.

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