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Why do PEO clients have more engaged employees?

You are constantly seeking ways to enhance employee engagement. This is no surprise, considering its direct link to productivity, retention, and overall business success.
  • Oct 03, 2023

5 Ways PEOs Streamline HR Operations for Small Businesses

HR professionals are constantly looking for solutions that simplify complex processes, ensuring businesses run smoothly. Enter Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs. These entities have emerged as game-changers, offering a suite of services…
  • Sep 29, 2023

Remote Workers Are Lonely. Let's Fix That.

Consider a bustling office, the hum of conversation, the clink of coffee mugs, and the occasional laughter from a corner. Now, replace that with the silence of a home office, the soft tapping of keys, and the distant sound of a neighborhood. This is…
  • Sep 19, 2023

7 Ways a PEO Benefits Your Bottom Line

The financial vitality of a business is significantly influenced by its human resource management strategies. Integrating Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) within business operations has proven to be an effective strategy for enhancing…
  • Sep 12, 2023

4 New Laws Impacting Utah Employers in 2023

The year 2023 brought a fresh wave of changes that Utah employers must adapt to in order to maintain compliance. One interesting emerging trend is the focus on creating safer and more inclusive workplaces. For instance, the Utah Legislature passed a…
  • Aug 22, 2023

Questions to Ask Prospective PEOs

Choosing between Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) feels akin to walking through a bustling bazaar – each stall shouting louder than the last, promising the best deal. This vibrant metaphor encapsulates employers' challenges when deciding…
  • Aug 18, 2023

Is Your Company Inclusive or Just Diverse?

The terms "diversity" and "inclusion" have become buzzwords, often used interchangeably, yet they represent distinct facets of a healthy workplace. Diversity refers to the representation of different identities within a collective group, while…
  • Aug 08, 2023

The Importance of HR Technology for Blue-Collar Industries

In 2023, employers are projected to shell out more for labor, with a predicted average salary increase of 4.1%—the highest since 2008. This increase is attributed to the dwindling pool of workers without college degrees, pushing blue-collar…
  • Jul 21, 2023

5+ Ways to Improve Traditional Employee Onboarding

Onboarding - a term that's synonymous with new beginnings and exciting opportunities. It's the process that helps transform a newcomer into a fully-functioning member of the team. But let's face it, it's not always as smooth as we'd like it to be.…
  • Jul 18, 2023

Attracting Blue Collar Workers Through HR Outsourcing

Consider this: it's 2023, and you're paying the highest salaries since 2008 to attract a shrinking pool of blue-collar workers. Sound familiar? With the rapidly evolving global market, businesses continually optimize their operations to adapt to…
  • Jul 14, 2023
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