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How to Increase HR's Efficiency by More than 50%

How to Increase HR's Efficiency by More than 50%

Improving efficiency seems impossible when you're drowning in paperwork. However, by partnering with the right professional employer organization (PEO), companies have increased productivity by over 50%.

This was the case for Steven Bros, an agricultural business. After implementing several changes proposed by their PEO, Zamp HR, Steven Bros streamlined operations and reduced costs. 

What lessons can other employers learn from this success story? Let's examine the data-driven strategies that supercharged efficiency. 

Implement Automated Timekeeping 

Timekeeping presented a significant efficiency drain for Steven Bros. Manually tracking hours and processing payroll devoured too many resources. By implementing an automated, web-based timekeeping system, the company trimmed these costs by 14%. The technology optimized payroll preparation and removed tedious administrative tasks. 

When evaluating timekeeping systems, carefully assess features like accessibility, customization, and analytics. Prioritize mobile functionality so employees can clock in and out from any device.  

Seek platforms that integrate smoothly with your existing HR infrastructure. And don't forget user experience - an intuitive interface improves adoption across your workforce.  

With the right solution, you'll reclaim hours lost to manual processes. 

Leverage Group Plans for Benefits Savings 

For Steven Bros, providing competitive benefits was critical for retention, but costs were unsustainably high.  

By tapping into their PEO's group plans, the company trimmed overall benefits spending by 11%. The economies of scale inherent to larger pools reduced expenses. 

Gaining access to group plans is a major perk of PEO partnerships. The consolidated purchasing power secures significantly better rates than small businesses could obtain independently.  

Ask about health, dental, disability, life insurance, and 401(k) options. For optimal savings, enroll early before underwriting.  

With reduced benefits administration and improved cost efficiency, you'll have more time and budget to invest elsewhere. Speaking of investing resources, what tasks deserve your attention, and where can you turn to experts? 

Outsource HR and Payroll Administration 

HR administration can dominate calendars. For many companies, essential but tedious tasks like payroll, benefits management, and workers' compensation administration monopolize bandwidth. These rote functions clutter workflows and divert focus from core operations and strategic initiatives. 

Steven Bros faced this issue firsthand. Processing payroll, managing benefits plans, and handling workers' comp devoured staff hours. By enlisting an experienced PEO like Zamp HR to own these responsibilities, Steven Bros reclaimed over 50% of the time previously lost to administrative tasks. 

The PEO brought expertise and efficiency to optimize processes that had sapped the company's productivity. Through volume across clients and specialized knowledge, they handled the necessary HR administration more seamlessly than Steven Bros could manage in-house. 

Consider delegating repetitive, non-strategic HR duties to qualified partners. This removes bottlenecks from workflows and frees up capacity. Analyze where your biggest time drains occur, and identify opportunities to hand off those functions. 

While implementation may require an initial investment, the long-term benefits are substantial.  

Choosing the Right PEO 

Even the most efficient systems rely on thoughtful human collaboration. Zamp HR distinguished itself as a partner through proactive support and swift issue resolution. Their diligent account management approach eased the outsourcing transition and strengthened the partnership. 

When assessing potential PEOs, carefully evaluate their customer service and communication practices. Look for responsiveness across email, phone support, and ticketing systems. Ask about account representative assignment as well - an ongoing single point of contact at the PEO builds a deeper understanding of your needs. 

Discuss implementation expectations, too. A smooth handoff from your team to the PEO is critical for efficiency gains. Transitions should ensure complete knowledge transfer, not leave gaps. With complex outsourcing, watch for thorough documentation, training, and change management. 

Ongoing communication should provide transparency into operations. Partners should proactively notify you of process changes that may impact you. Feedback loops will continuously improve collaboration. 

The right partner behaves as an extension of your team. They anticipate needs before problems arise and quickly resolve any hiccups. This level of service smooths outsourcing and secures efficiency improvements over the long term. 

Increasing Efficiency with Decreasing Costs 

By partnering with a professional employer organization, companies can substantially transform HR operations and increase efficiency. The case of Steven Bros demonstrates that outsourcing administrative functions, implementing automated systems, and accessing group plans can optimize workflows.  

However, realize that these gains require choosing an ideal partner. Look for PEOs with proven expertise, robust solutions, and white-glove service. Together, you can streamline tasks, reduce costs, and focus on your core mission. 

The strategies and lessons from Steven Bros aim to inspire, not prescribe. Each employer's path to efficiency will be unique. Continually analyze your needs, benchmark progress, and stay open to reinvention. With the right partner relationship, increases above 50% are possible. When operations hum and employees thrive, everything else follows.  


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