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Mobile Employee Time Management

Mobile Employee Time Management

Great Neck, New York-based CMS Auths provides outsourced medical authorization processing to Managed Care Organizations running skilled nursing facilities. The organization began using a web-based time and attendance solution to track hours and ensure proper pay and time off for employees.

Regulations and compliance are key issues for all businesses. Because of its location in New York, CMS Auths is subject to many compliance requirements. The company decided there was a need for better tracking of hours to ensure proper time-off calculations.

With web-based timekeeping, employees can check in on the go using the mobile app. This makes it easy to track time and create a historical record. While the employees all work in the same office, they do travel to locations, making the mobile app particularly attractive.

CMS Auths currently operates in 10 states and plans to extend to others. They have 15 employees and in the long-term expect to expand to 100. “Using timekeeping is a great way to create a record of work hours, calculate available time off and get employees used to clocking time,” says Jeff Rosenberg, CMS Auths CEO. “We need this kind of discipline and record to ensure we provide proper pay and can identify where labor costs are incurred.”

Mobile Timesheet Management

In some cases, a business may have limited or no access to computers or a wall-mounted time clock. Home-hospice environments may be a classic example. In these cases, a mobile solution is ideal.

Connecting managers to time management data through a mobile device can be highly valuable in increasing productivity, reducing paperwork, and reducing the cost of labor by adopting time management technology. Some examples include the ability to review schedules, edit and approve employee time sheets or approve time off requests.

Today, employers and supervisors can use a mobile app that puts these time-sensitive tasks at their fingertips. With supervisors in a position to quickly respond to exceptions and employee time off requests, employee satisfaction improves, payroll accuracy improves, and employee productivity increases as well.

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