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Are you using all our services? Get more out of Zamp HR.

Are you using all our services? Get more out of Zamp HR.

  • Jun 13, 2016

We want to help you. There may be tools and services we offer you aren't currently utilizing. Let's figure out what those are so we can make your job easier!

  • Employee Onboarding - Our online employee onboarding tool saves time for both employees and employers. It simplifies the paperwork process. We can tailor the employee onboarding packet to your company and include your handbook or any other forms employees need to sign. This is a big deal folks. Let us help you get organized.
  • Timekeeping - How are you currently keeping track of your employees time? We have a wonderful solution that can save you both time and money. Who doesn't want more time and money?!
  • Payroll - How are you currently reporting your payroll hours? Is it working well for you? There are many ways to turn in payroll so if you're spending too much time with the payroll submission process please give us a call so we can help you find a better solution.
  • Job Costing - We can help you job cost your payroll so you can be sure the project you're completing is profitable. Job costing with our timekeeping solution is a seamless process.
  • HR Consulting - How is the morale at your office? Are you having any employee related issues? Do you find your managers need training on how to be a better manager? Does your PTO plan need to be reviewed? How about your handbook? There are many ways we can help you in this area.
  • Workers' Compensation & Safety - We offer a pay-as-you-go workers' comp option. We also are able to train employees on safety to reduce your risk of claims.
  • & more!

If you're experiencing a pain point in any of these areas or one we haven't mentioned please contact us at 1.888.819.5952 to discuss some tailored solutions. We're here to help!Contact Us | Zamp HR