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Why Outsource HR to a PEO?

Why Outsource HR to a PEO?

  • Nov 13, 2019

Start working smarter, not harder… by partnering with a PEO (i.e., Professional Employer Organization).

Many organizations are unfamiliar with the unique benefits of partnering with a PEO agency. We offer a unique way to increase HR and workforce results while decreasing liabilities and total workforce costs. There may be few aspects of your business that you can outsource to improve results while decreasing liabilities. HR is one of them! Shift your complex administrative responsibilities to a trusted partner. It’s a smart way to simplify your business and drive better results.

View some of the key benefits. (Download the pdf below.)

  1. Offer better benefits. Attract the right people.
  2. Access a team of HR pros... at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Simplify HR administration. Focus on your business.
  4. Save on Benefits, Workers' Compensation, Unemployment and more.
  5. Increase workforce profitability and performance.
  6. Reduce HR-related costs while upgrading HR programs.
  7. Access leading HR technology. Increase workforce profitability.
  8. Reduce your risk and liability: compliance; insurance; claims.
  9. Peace of mind. We'll help you stay compliant.
  10. Technology - Your entire employee lifecycle handled 100% online, including applicant tracking, employee benefits enrollment, onboarding, payroll, timekeeping and beyond.

We encourage you to experience the Zamp HR difference for yourself. Speak to a representative to find out how we can transform HR and your business.

Download the "Why Outsource HR to a PEO?" (PDF)