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Why Use Zamp HR for Benefits Administration?

Why Use Zamp HR for Benefits Administration?

Let's face it: benefits administration, and other HR tasks, for new and current employees, can provide a major headache throughout the year, but especially during yearly company-wide enrollment periods. If your company still uses paper enrollment forms, or your current benefits administration software is far from user-friendly, your company will suffer substantial wasted time and inefficiencies. 

Using outdated systems or paper forms can create a pile of extra work for employees and HR professionals. Paper forms filled out by employees must be manually submitted or uploaded to other agencies or branches for processing, and using difficult administrative software ensures that benefits specialists will spend hours helping employees learn the software, troubleshoot improper submissions, and fix enrollment mistakes. 

Fortunately, benefit enrollment doesn't have to be this way. Zamp HR's all-in-one software can fix these inefficiency issues while offering an overall better experience when it comes to benefits administration. Read on to learn more about how Zamp HR can transform your company, and create a simple, smooth benefits administration process.

1. Simple Enrollment

Gone are the days when HR professionals have to walk employees through complicated forms or enrollment software full of confusing jargon. Zamp HR Cloud Software provides a user-friendly interface, and employees are guided through enrollment step-by-step on-screen. 

This software can help employees choose the benefits they are eligible for and avoid selecting options that don't apply to their specific situations. This can save HR professionals hours each week, especially during yearly employee enrollment windows. 

Simple software enrollment can also save your company money on supplies in the long run, as you will no longer have to provide each of your employees a giant binder full of confusing information about what benefits the company offers. 

2. Easy Comparisons 

Choosing benefits plans and packages can be utterly overwhelming, especially for new employees who are completely unfamiliar with your company's offerings. As a result, many rush through the process and select the wrong plan. In turn, employees end up unhappy with the benefits your company provides. 

A new employee might spend hours frantically combing through the benefit binders and pamphlets trying to understand how they can get the maximum voluntary benefits. Unhappy and stressed employees are much less likely to stick around. That costs your company in the long run. 

Zamp HR allows employees and managers to compare and contrast plans side-by-side, so they can make the best and most informed choices for themselves and their families. These comparison features help to take the stress out of choosing a plan. This can set your new and existing employees up to be much happier with their benefits and overall experience with your company. 

3. Seamless Integration

Zamp HR Cloud Software is a completely web-based tool that stores information and data securely in the cloud. This allows all parts of the software to easily integrate, giving you a quick, yet comprehensive snapshot of your employee's benefits and more. Aside from benefit enrollment, Zamp also comes with plenty of other features that can help your company's HR program run as smoothly as possible. Other features of this software include employee self-service, payroll, hiring, and more. To learn more about these tools and features check out our Zamp HR Cloud Software page. 

4. Comprehensive Accessibility

Paper HR forms come with several disadvantages, one of which includes the fact that you can only access important information by having the papers in front of you, or manually scanning it to your computer. Other HR software only allows information to be viewed on one device. Zamp HR, in contrast, provides access to your employees' information across all types of devices. You can check payroll status, benefits enrollment, or anything else on your phone, computer, or tablet. No more running back to the office if you forget to submit paper forms in time. 

5. Unparalleled Security

Cloud-based programs have gained popularity over the past several years, as users no longer have to keep hard drives or other storage devices safe from damage. On the other hand, many companies have reservations about cloud-based programs because they worry about security issues and hacking threats. These worries are valid, but you can rest easy knowing that your company's information is safe and sound with Zamp HR. 

When using Zamp HR, managers have full control over who can see specific types of data, fields, and reports. Only employees who need access to certain information gain access, and the rest is safe from prying eyes at all times. 

Zamp HR Cloud Software

It can be tempting for people to continue using paper HR benefits administration, especially if that is the method they have relied on for most of their careers. It can also be intimidating to give up an old HR benefit software, as learning the ropes of a new one can be challenging. But sticking with outdated and inefficient HR systems for these reasons can hurt your company's efficiency and employee satisfaction in the long run. Fortunately, Zamp HR has incredible customer service that can help you make the transition to our better, more helpful software program. 

You can take a look at some of our software's features and learn the basics of how it operates by checking out our Cloud Software Demos. If your company needs a simple, comprehensive, and secure HR software, look no further than Zamp HR Cloud Software. Contact us today to learn more. 


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