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5 Ways Zamp HR Helps Your Business Recruit Top Talent

5 Ways Zamp HR Helps Your Business Recruit Top Talent

Recruiting and retaining top talent in your industry requires market expertise. Lots of data are required to properly execute a recruiting strategy, requiring an enormous amount of time and focus from your HR team. 

Many Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) provide recruiting services. However, only best-in-class PEOs like Zamp HR provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of recruiting services, from locating qualified candidates through onboarding.

Zamp HR does the heavy lifting so your internal team can focus on your core business needs. Below are just a few of the many ways that Zamp HR supports your company's recruiting efforts. 

Provide Expertise 

A good recruiter knows the industry and the market. An expert recruiting team at Zamp HR can provide your company with guidance on salary, benefits, and even tweaking job descriptions to help you attract the best candidates. Without an expert level understanding of the current job market, you may miss out on qualified applicants that could add value to your organization.

Give You Your Time Back 

One of the most important items you can give your team is time. By partnering with a trusted recruiting expert, you take the recruiting burden off your team's shoulders, giving them time back in their day. 

When you are involved in the recruiting process, it is nearly always time-consuming. Much of your day gets taken up writing job descriptions, reviewing resumes, and speaking with applicants. With Zamp HR, all of this work goes to your trusted recruiting expert. 

Get You the Right Person for the Job 

Tackling the hiring process on your own comes with many challenges. One of them is trusting that you have made the right decision when hiring. Sometimes, new hires simply don't work out. Maybe they embellished on their resume, or they just don't have the skills you need. Regardless of the reason, this often causes extra time lost in your day and additional expenses to replace the role. 

Zamp HR alleviates these problems by expertly screening every applicant. Only after a candidate passes our extensive screening process do we forward their information to you. We give you the best of the best so you can make the right decision. 

Handle the Recruitment Process from Start to Finish 

When you partner with Zamp HR, we make the hiring process simple. We help you craft the perfect job description that conveys what the role entails, and what would make a candidate fit. Once you have selected a candidate, we handle the onboarding process, including background checks and employment verifications. 

Provides Applicant Tracking System Software 

One of the hardest parts of hiring is tracking all of the applicants for each job you post. There are many software options available to help you, most of them extremely costly. Utilizing one of these systems may not be within your company's budget.

Zamp HR has its own applicant tracking system. When you partner with us, you gain access to the system to use for your company's job applicants. Tracking applicants through our software ensures that you see relevant information and that a resume of a qualified applicant isn't lost in your email.  

The applicant tracking system also gives you a transparent view of your recruiting efforts. You can see all applicants in the process and can provide your recruiter with feedback to help guide them in their search. 

Time is not a Commodity to Waste 

Many small and medium-sized companies try to handle everything in-house. Many business leaders think that will help them save money. Unfortunately, that usually results in missing out on qualified applicants for your company's open jobs.  

Choosing a PEO partner to help with your recruiting efforts is not a simple decision. There are many business considerations you must make. But when you boil it all down, partnering with an expert recruiter at Zamp HR gives your business a positive ROI.  

Through our time-tested processes, we can give you access to qualified candidates you may have never seen. We can take the time drain of recruiting off your plate so you can focus on your core business needs. With Zamp HR, you get your time back while finding the right candidates quickly. 

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