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Zamp HR Beats the Competition on Price and Quality

Zamp HR Beats the Competition on Price and Quality

HR outsourcing gives small- and mid-sized companies access to HR experts who can relieve administrative burdens. But finding the right experts for your business at affordable costs presents challenges.

Zamp HR is Utah's premier HR outsourcing solution. They beat the competition in both pricing and quality of service. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Zamp HR gives clients access to HR experts at costs they can afford. PEOs provide clients with an average ROI of 27.2%

But not all PEOs are created equal. Zamp HR has advantages that make them superior to the competition, including well-known national PEOs.

The Advantages of HR Outsourcing

The reasons that businesses of all sizes choose to outsource HR activities are endless. Regardless of the reason, HR outsourcing provides concrete benefits to businesses. 

Save Time

Even if you have an internal HR employee or team of employees, outsourcing repetitive, mundane, and complex HR tasks can free up your internal team to focus on your core business needs. Having a team of HR experts at your disposal will also help you resolve any challenging HR issues quickly and correctly.

Stay Compliant

Your company handbook and your policies may have been written years ago. Some companies do not even have written policies. With a PEO, your expert HR partners will review your policies and help you update your handbook to ensure compliance with employment laws. They will also provide you with guidance on complex labor laws that often trip up small businesses, resulting in fines and penalties.

Training and Development

Some industries, like construction, require extensive on-the-job training as well as ongoing training to help keep employees safe. Construction workers are more at risk to suffer injuries while working, not only hurting them and their ability to earn a living but also causing financial stress for your company with increased workers' comp costs. Ensuring that your employees are properly trained for safety from day one can help keep your costs low. A PEO can help you achieve this goal by providing you with a clear and detailed training plan.

The Advantages of PEOs versus other HR Outsourcing Solutions

Not all HR outsourcing solutions can provide the same level of benefits. To get the most comprehensive service, your company needs to partner with a PEO and establish a co-employment relationship.

Co-employment provides for a shared liability and responsibility for your employees. This does not mean you lose any control over the day-to-day operations of your organization or your ability to discipline, hire, or fire any employee. Co-employment can cut your business costs without giving up control.

A co-employment relationship makes your chosen PEO the employer of record for your employees. This gives you and your employees access to the PEO’s master benefits package negotiated on behalf of thousands of worksite employees by experts.

The Advantages of Zamp HR over other PEOs

Not every PEO can provide the same level of service. Choosing the right PEO for you requires an understanding of your goals. Zamp HR can provide you with a higher level of service than other PEO options.

Better Use of Co-Employment

Through co-employment, Zamp HR can offer your company:

  • Better workers' comp rates
  • Employment tax remittance
  • Affordable and high-quality benefits

Some PEOs just offer savings through benefits alone. While that is beneficial, there is so much more your company can get. 

Workers' comp insurance coverage is expensive, especially in certain industries. Partnering with the right PEO can help you reduce your workers' comp costs by adopting your PEO's experience modifier rate, which might be substantially lower than what you could get on your own.

Support for Recruiters

Hiring can be extremely costly for small businesses. It takes a great deal of time to create a job description, sort through candidates, conduct interviews, and then hope that you have made the right hiring decision. 

With Zamp HR, they provide you with more than just a template job description. They provide full recruiting support. You can expect that they will create a detailed job description, help you conduct interviews, handle the onboarding process including all paperwork, and provide your entire staff with support.

Lower Prices

Outsourcing HR might seem like an expensive endeavor. But unlike national PEO chains where clients have to cover their nationwide marketing and advertising costs, Zamp HR has an HR outsourcing pricing model that takes full advantage of the local PEO model, passing cost savings to you.

Through this mode, you can accurately budget because there are no hidden fees. You can expect a straightforward and transparent pricing model. This allows Zamp HR to give you PEO services at greatly reduced costs.

The Zamp HR Advantage

Thanks to this flexible business model, Zamp HR is in the enviable place of beating the competition in both price and quality of service provided to you. Choosing the right PEO for your business requires a deep understanding of your goals but also your budget. Together with Zamp HR, you can achieve every company goal you set, while getting the HR outsourcing support you need.

The right PEO can make a difference in your company's bottom line by reducing the time you spend on mundane HR tasks and increasing your ability to focus on your core business needs. To learn more about Zamp HR's advantages, contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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