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6 Ways Cloud Technology Streamlines HR

6 Ways Cloud Technology Streamlines HR

Cloud computing is undeniably one of the most trending technology in human resources today. Adopting cloud computing in HR enables higher productivity, agility, speed, and elimination of repetitive tasks. A typical work day of an HR employee involves having to retype information from one system to another. When done manually, something as simple as benefits enrollment becomes work hours as paper records are transmitted into electronic ones. HR can save hours of time and related costs by using cloud HR technology.  

What Is HR Cloud Software? 

The cloud-based HR system is a solution designed to help a business join disparate employee data into one piece of software. The system is hosted on a server of a system provider to allow you to access it anywhere and at any time you need to. In a nutshell, a cloud-based HR system is better and faster software that streamlines and optimizes your HR processes. 

Benefits of Cloud-based HR System 

Enrollment Benefits 

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is that recruiters can share information about candidates instantaneously. Typically, the recruiting process tends to be long and detailed oriented. Cloud computing streamlines this process by improving the speed and agility of the recruitment process. It also empowers the recruiting teams to provide feedback in real time and make data-driven decisions in the cloud. The HR team can easily access all crucial data on mobile devices as and when required. Another way cloud technology benefits recruitment is by reducing costs. The costs of paper and supplies keep adding up. There are also costs related to hardware, software, and servers that need to be maintained and upgraded. Cloud computing helps you save on all such costs by customizing your platform to meet specific needs. 

Employee Information Requests  

Cloud HR software comes with a self-service portal for employees to access critical information anytime and anywhere, meaning that HR doesn't have to respond to requests to see payroll information. Unlike dated HR systems that may not be available at all times, cloud HR systems allow access when needed. Cloud HR systems also make it more convenient for staff to change pay and benefits settings. Employees leveraging these systems can set up direct deposit change health insurance, see how much of their salary goes to taxes or 401(k), and do more without the help from an HR professional. 

Talent Acquisition  

An HR cloud-based talent acquisition solution helps your company build an engaged, high-performing workforce by optimizing your sourcing, tracking, and evaluation of quality talent efficiently and cost-effectively. Cloud HR boasts a top-notch hiring module streamlining the normal process of manually posting jobs and sorting through prospects. With the right cloud HR platform, you can successfully source candidates by listing opportunities on your career webpage and across thousands of free job boards using premium job board integration. This not only widens your talent pool but can also optimize pre-hiring engagement by sending automated notifications and configurable emails to applicants and other stakeholders. Besides, it lets you focus on best-fit candidates by asking pre-screen questions in online applications and leveraging data about your candidates to make better hiring decisions.  

Manager Self-Service Portal 

Managing several tasks at once can be quite challenging. Luckily, many cloud-powered payroll and HR platforms include a self-service manager system as part of their offering. Having a manager self-service portal streamlines managerial tasks. A manager self-service portal is a type of employee management software that gives managers and supervisors the ability to perform crucial daily tasks that would typically require HR's assistance. With the portal, supervisors handle several labor-related tasks such as schedules, time-off requests, and performance reviews with a lot of ease and improved efficiency. A manager self-service portal also offers multi-level access to diverse types of employee data, including payroll, HR, and attendance-related information. Ideally, managers can leverage self-service solutions to approve time cards to ensure correct employee payroll. The tool also provides a view of employee clock statuses to see who is clocked in or out at any given time, thus empowering managers to be more proactive at completing tasks. 

Payroll Integration  

Managing your payroll alongside other business processes can be hard enough. Fortunately, most cloud HR solutions come with payroll integration that streamlines the entire payroll process. Payroll integration is when your payroll system syncs with other software or programs. Integrated payroll means less retyping of information, especially when time and labor are integrated with payroll processing. It lets you keep track of the information you need to successfully manage your employees and run your business effectively. Besides, with cloud-based HR software, you can store all information data digitally, including new hire paperwork, employee handbooks, and offer letters, so you keep track of employee changes easily. 

Time & Labor Solutions  

A manual attendance system requires each employee to record when they clock in and out on a piece of paper, printed cards, or electronic spreadsheets. There are several issues with the manual attendance system as it requires repetitive manual work. Files can get lost, or people forget to clock in and out. An excellent cloud-based HR system comes with a time and attendance solution to make clocking in and out smooth and effortless. It provides extremely valuable features like absence management, employee scheduling, HR reporting, and payroll integration. Ideally, integrated cloud technology means you can choose from various time clocks, including mobile apps, web clocks, biometrics, employee PIN, badge card swipes, and more. In a nutshell, a cloud-based HR technology makes complete sense for time and attendance processes by allowing them to be optimized and digitized. 

Check Out Our Unique HR Solutions 

Undoubtedly, cloud technology has already influenced all areas of our lives and will become even more prominent in the future. For HR, the benefits of cloud computing are starting to manifest as more and more companies integrate the technology into their processes. Cloud-based HR systems boost performance, enhance recruitment of the best talent, and increase employee engagement. It also helps close the communication gap between employees, HR teams, and management. To get a deeper look, check out our free demo. 

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