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Must-Have Features of All-In-One HR Software

Must-Have Features of All-In-One HR Software

The amount of time HR software will save your in-house team is directly proportional to how integrated the software is. Working on multiple platforms can be almost as cumbersome as using paper.  

For example, when you need different platforms for timekeeping and payroll, you must manually export and import the timekeeping data. That takes a considerable amount of time.  

The best HR software is all-in-one. But how can you tell that it has all the features you need? Look for software that combines at least these six modules for the best results.  

Time and Labor  

Integration of time and labor is one essential feature every company should be looking for in HR software. Forget the hassle of importing and exporting time data from spreadsheets and timekeeping systems. 

Removing manual processing, solving data entry issues, and setting up your team becomes a straightforward process. Your staff no longer have to spend hours reporting to HR and supervisors with a time and labor system. They can direct this time towards productivity.   

With time and labor integrated with payroll and HR, you get to pay your employees accurately. You can monitor, understand, and control your labor investment. Time theft and administrative costs decrease while productivity increases for better results. 

Benefits Enrollment  

Electronic benefits enrollment for new hires and employees is another must-have. Managing benefits on paper forms can be quite a challenge. Electronic benefits enrollment takes away that stress by guiding new employees through the whole process. Current employees can also update their benefits information online. 

Electronic benefits enrollment is good for you and your staff too. The employees get quick and easy access to their earned benefits. And, you can retain your employees as you reduce administrative costs. 

Employee Self-Service  

An employee self-service portal allows employees to access essential information from different devices at their convenience. It saves time when your staff can get information without going to the HR desk. They can view earnings statements or HR information on the web. They can also view and request time off anytime they need to. 

Fewer complaints will likely arise with a unified HR system that includes an employee self-service portal. Your staff can verify all the details at their own time with a device of their choice. Everything becomes easier for your staff and consequently for you. 


What is all-in-one HR software if it does not include hiring? Hiring is the starting point of HR functions. You need a hiring module that helps you post jobs, sort applications, and schedule interviews. Eventually, it helps with onboarding as the data flows to benefits and payroll. 

Posting jobs online is easier with a hiring module that integrates many boards and social networks to advertise jobs. You can list your job openings on LinkedIn, Facebook, CareerBuilder, and the like without much effort. 

Manager Self Service  

Just like employers, managers also benefit from a self-service portal. An excellent manager self-service portal allows a manager to do the following tasks; 

  1. Timecard reviews 
  2. Time off requests 
  3. Payroll monitoring 

Human resource management becomes easier for managers with information on all employees online.  


If your all-in-one software has all of the above plus an integrated payroll module, you have nailed it. The payroll module should make payroll processing as easy as possible. You should be able to gather payroll hours from a linked attendance system. Paper timesheets could do, but why the hassle if all info is available online? 

Not only should the payroll be accurate but also fast and stress-free. With the right HR software, you can always report a well-executed payroll online and on time. 

An All-In-One HR Software That Has It All 

Are you looking for the perfect HR software for your company's easy and quick flow? You have found one. Zamp HR Cloud Software makes the entire HR process less task-heavy and more time-saving. It is 100% web-based, making it convenient and easy to access across devices including phones, tablets, and laptops. 

 The Zamp HR solution integrates payroll, HR, and benefits to help you get the most from your staff. We eliminate the need to manage many usernames and passwords or log into several systems.   

Zamp HR Cloud employee self-service portal is customizable. You can rebrand to include your colors and also create a unique background. It allows your brand to always stand out. 

Our hiring module allows you to customize the careers page that you link to your website. You can also create a unique screening questionnaire. It will help you review candidates quickly and respond to and plan interviews.  

Zamp HR Cloud modules cater to every step, from hiring to onboarding and payroll. It saves you time and money and helps increase the productivity of your workforce. Your employees have easy access anywhere, anytime to all their information. Your manager also gets access to all employee information on one platform.   

To learn more about how it works, access our free demo. 

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