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How to Streamline Administrative Tasks in an Assisted Living Facility

How to Streamline Administrative Tasks in an Assisted Living Facility

Tracking government and general requirements can be overwhelming when you are in charge of a nursing home or assisted living facility. This is on top of all the regulatory burdens that organizations require from an HR department. The most cost-effective way to streamline tasks is through outsourced HR for assisted living facilities. A best-in-class HR outsourcing partner will not only take administrative burdens off your shoulder but will also install all-in-one, cloud-based HR software to support your staff.  

Administrative Tasks Assisted Living Facilities Can Outsource  

Below is a list of several administrative tasks you can outsource to a third party.  

Outsourcing Payroll & Administration  

Payroll, payroll tax management, and administration are the some of the most time-consuming HR tasks in an assisted living facility. If not done right, you may encounter errors that could affect overall operations. Partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) is an ideal way to manage payroll and administration, free up your time, and avoid errors. The PEO will prepare and file payroll taxes for you. All you have to do is review timesheets and submit them to the PEO.  

Benefits Administration  

Hiring a pofessional employer organization to manage benefits can significantly add value to your business. A PEO can handle claims, plan enrollment, and employee questions. PEOs adhere to the current local, state, and federal employment laws and standards, ensuring that your business is on the right side of the law.  

Workers' Compensation Insurance Administration  

Worker's compensation is vital to the well-being of your workers and your business. However, as a small business, you want to ensure you do not pay high premiums for policies that do not meet the needs of your employees. A PEO provides organizations with access to workers’ comp plans at a reduced cost compared to what you would pay if you did it alone.  

Unemployment Insurance Administration  

Unemployment insurance provides benefits to eligible workers who lost their jobs. The finances are intended to provide temporary care to eligible unemployed workers per state requirements. A PEO handles unemployment insurance claims, represents you at unemployment hearings, and ensure that you make all unemployment insurance payments on time.  

COBRA Administration  

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (CORBA) requires employers to continue offering access to health care plans to employees who lose their health benefits. This is a challenging administrative task that most organizations struggle with. PEOs tracks employee eligibility, monitors coverage periods and timelines, and manages COBRA notices. This minimizes the risks of COBRA non-compliance, saving you money you'd have paid on hefty fines, excise tax penalties, and statutory tax penalties.  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is about outsourcing part or all of your recruitment process to a third party. Outsourcing your recruitment process saves time and money. It also increases quality and efficiency, enabling you to realize and maximize the full potential of your organization.  

Recruitment Tasks that an RPO Can Handle  

There is a wide range of tasks that an RPO can handle when recruiting new talents for your organization. Here are things an RPO can do.  

  1. Create job descriptions that may include the job responsibilities.  
  2. Advertising the open positions on multiple recruiting platforms 
  3. Handling job fairs where the RPO can meet with potential employees in one neutral venue. 
  4. Communicating with applicants  
  5. Conducting initial screening  
  6. Holding telephone interviews  
  7. Holding in-person interviews  
  8. Conducting background and reference checks  

This thorough recruitment process gives you highly vetted talents with the right experience, skills, and qualifications.  

HR Software Makes Assisted Living Facilities More Efficient  

Professional employer organizations use software solutions to make recruitment efficient and successful. Here are some of the most effective recruitment solutions. 

All-in-One HR Software  

All-in-one software helps organizations manage time, talent, and documents from a central system. With different software in the market today, it is essential to learn how to choose HR software for nursing homes with a centralized system that can help you meet your organization's needs in real time. Quality software will save you time from manual processes, eliminate errors, and save you money. 

Employee Scheduling Software  

Employee scheduling software is an application that helps organizations build and manage employee work schedules. Automating employee scheduling for assisted living communities manages operations and labor costs, produces consistent results, boosts productivity, and enhances workforce satisfaction. The software has several features, such as automated notifications for new schedules and shift changes, timecard creation, importation of payroll, auto-assigning shifts, and clock-in and clock-in-clock-out features.  

Applicant Tracking System  

An applicant tracking system is a tool that automates administrative tasks during employee recruitment and hiring. This software enables organizations to collect information easily, advertise jobs, optimize referrals, organize prospects according to their skills and experience, and filter applicants. The software saves time and money and helps organizations recruit the best talents.  

Employee Self-Service Portal  

Employee self-service portal is a solution that lets employees handle multiple human resource tasks and other administrative needs. Employees can check their payroll and benefits without asking an HR employee for assistance.  

Manager Self-Service Portal 

Manager self-service is human resource management software that allows managers to access employee information and perform employee-related tasks. The software can perform timecard reviews, review time off requests, and monitor payroll, and performance reviews, among other functions. A PEO will work with you throughout the hiring process to help you identify potential improvements and hire the right talents at the right time.  

Time and Labor  

Quality software will help you track and fill out employee timesheets using different time clocks, from mobile apps to biometric scanners. It is an effective and efficient way to track time, manage employee attendance and help you calculate exact wages.  

Total HR Compliance  

From payroll-based journaling to the Nursing Reform Act, assisted living facilities come with their regulatory burdens. Your PEO staffs experts in all aspects of HR regulatory compliance, from the Fair Labor Standards Act to the Family and Medical Leave Act. Whenever federal, state, or local laws change, your PEO will proactively update you and your software.  

Find the Right HR Outsourcing Solution for You  

Professional employer organizations are the most comprehensive HR outsourcing solution available. The average ROI of working with a PEO is 27.2%. Learn more by checking out our eBook "What is a PEO?"why-zamp-hr-outsourcing


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