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6 Ways a PEO Improves Your Employer Brand

6 Ways a PEO Improves Your Employer Brand

Improving your employer brand could be the key to transforming talent acquisition.

An employer brand encompasses your reputation and ability to differentiate yourself in the talent marketplace. It's the essence of who you are as an organization and what makes you stand out from competitors. A compelling employer brand attracts motivated candidates who align with your values and mission. It also boosts employee pride, engagement, and ambassadorship. 

With hiring challenges intensifying, building a strong employer brand is no longer optional. It directly impacts your ability to hire skilled employees who drive business results. Partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) can provide the expertise and solutions needed to take your employer brand to the next level. 

So, what can PEO do to improve that brand?

1. Craft Your Employee Value Proposition

A strong employer value proposition (EVP) is the foundation of your employer brand. Your EVP encompasses your unique culture, values, policies, programs, rewards, and benefits. It's your promise to employees about why your company is a great workplace. 

Partnering with a PEO gives you access to HR experts who can help you clearly define and articulate an authentic EVP. They can facilitate discovery sessions to dig deep into what makes your organization unique. Is it your inspiring social mission that improves lives? Your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace? Your family-friendly policies like generous parental leave and flexible scheduling? 

A PEO can guide you through exercises to uncover your differentiators. They may conduct focus groups or surveys to gather perspectives from leadership and employees across the organization. By taking a thoughtful and collaborative approach, you can develop an accurate portrait of your culture and values. 

The PEO can then help you shape that information into a compelling EVP communicating your uniqueness. They can wordsmith the messaging and make suggestions to highlight your most attractive qualities. The result is an EVP that paints an honest picture of why your company is a phenomenal workplace. This authenticity truly resonates with your target candidates. 

A clear, impactful EVP is the key to creating an employer brand that motivates top talent to join your company. Now, let's explore how robust HR services and benefits boost your brand.

2. Offer Robust HR Services and Benefits

Providing robust HR services and benefits is another way a PEO boosts your employer brand. PEOs give you access to Fortune 500-level benefits, compliance support, training programs, and other services. This allows you to support employees in impactful ways. 

For example, partnering with a PEO allows you to offer a comprehensive suite of benefits like health insurance, dental, vision, retirement plans, life insurance, disability insurance, and more. Even small companies can suddenly provide big-company benefits that help employees and their families thrive. 

In addition to benefits, PEOs provide vital HR services. You gain access to HR hotlines where employees can get answers to pressing questions and guidance on company policies. PEOs supply employee handbooks, labor law posters, workplace safety materials, and more to help you stay compliant.  

PEOs perform HR functions like payroll, workers' comp, background checks, and compliance audits—allowing you to focus on your core business. Offering these types of benefits and support demonstrates your commitment to employees. It shows you are invested in their overall well-being inside and outside work. This cultivates a reputation as an employer who cares, which is highly attractive to job seekers. 

Now let's look at how optimizing the employee experience enhances your employer brand.

3. Focus on Employee Experience

Focusing on optimizing the employee experience is another employer branding opportunity created by partnering with a PEO. They can streamline and improve key HR processes like your applicant tracking system, new hire onboarding, performance reviews, etc. This provides employees and candidates with a smooth, positive experience. 

For example, PEOs can implement user-friendly, cloud-based HR technology that simplifies clumsy manual processes. Job applications, onboarding paperwork, and performance reviews can be digitized and automated. PEO staff provide support and guidance to keep these systems running smoothly. 

This allows you to deliver a world-class, streamlined experience void of common pain points that can frustrate candidates and employees. You avoid tarnishing your employer brand with antiquated, chaotic HR processes. Partnership with a PEO enables you to create HR experiences that leave candidates and employees with a positive impression.

4. Promote Your Employer Brand

PEOs can also help promote your employer brand far and wide by distributing your messaging across crucial channels. With recruitment outsourcing, the PEO will post your roles and share your content on leading career sites, targeted job boards, social media, and more. 

This broad distribution of authentic employer brand content is essential for getting your message in front of more quality candidates. A wider reach increases awareness among your target talent pools and motivates suitable candidates to explore job opportunities. 

Various distribution strategies and content types create a surround-sound employer branding campaign that penetrates the talent marketplace. 

5. Prioritize Candidate Experience

Delivering a fantastic candidate experience is crucial for maintaining a stellar employer brand. How you communicate, the ease of your hiring process, and providing timely feedback make an impression. Even rejected candidates can feel great about your company culture if handled thoughtfully. 

PEOs can guide organizations looking to improve the candidate journey from start to finish. They ensure your people processes cater to candidates, making them feel acknowledged, valued, and informed throughout the hiring process. 

Small touches like follow-up emails, interview preparation tips, personalized scheduling links, and application status updates go a long way. Candidates will remember how your company made them feel long after the outcome. Did you make them jump through hoops or communicate openly and treat them respectfully? 

PEOs can perform audits to identify areas for improvement. For example, they may suggest simplifying cumbersome application forms, setting up screening calls to determine fit earlier, or using AI chatbots to engage candidates 24/7. PEOs keep you apprised of the latest best practices for an exceptional candidate experience. 

By partnering with a PEO, you can ensure candidates have a positive experience at each touchpoint, even if you don't ultimately hire them. Their positive interactions will only strengthen your employer brand.

6. Invest in Ongoing Training and Development

Investing in ongoing training and development for employees also strengthens your employer brand. PEOs provide access to skills training, leadership development programs, professional certifications, and continuing education. 

For example, PEOs may offer vast training libraries and online courses to help team members gain new skills, refresh existing ones, or expand their knowledge in various topics. Leadership development programs can fast-track your company's high-potential employees to take on greater responsibility. 

The PEO's training specialists can also work with you to identify skills gaps on your team and build customized development programs to upskill employees. They handle the legwork of sourcing relevant courses, trainers, and materials—saving you time and hassle. 

Access to these abundant development opportunities shows candidates and employees your commitment to talent growth and retention. Employees who feel continuously invested in are more engaged, productive, and likely to stick around long-term. A reputation as an actual "learning organization" is desirable to top talent seeking career advancement. 

In essence, partnering with a PEO transforms your employer brand by providing resources to nurture and elevate your people. 

PEOs as a Solution to Employer Brand Problems 

A PEO helps you craft a compelling employer value proposition that spotlights your differentiators. They enable you to offer more robust benefits, optimize key HR processes, widely promote your employer brand message, and provide a fantastic experience for candidates. 

Perhaps most importantly, a PEO becomes an extension of your HR department, providing strategic guidance to help you attract, retain, and elevate your talent. In today's competitive hiring landscape, investing in your employer brand is critical for engaging the skilled team members you need to drive business success. 

Partnering with a PEO gives you the expertise, services, and support to take your employer brand to the next level. A more substantial reputation will boost awareness among high-quality talent pools, motivate suitable candidates to explore opportunities and help you engage and retain your valued team members over the long term. 

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