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Reduce the Time and Cost of Hiring with Applicant Tracking

Reduce the Time and Cost of Hiring with Applicant Tracking

MRV Banks is a fast-growing premium bank servicing local consumers and small businesses in Missouri. The bank has deep roots in the community and is committed to delivering a personal, local banking experience. Quality is important in every aspect of the business, starting with hiring.

Hire Quality Applicants

MRV Banks is a fast-growing company with more than 300 investors in the Mississippi River Valley region. In the first half of 2019 the company grew from 35 to 44 employees across five locations. Finding and hiring the right employee for each open position is a key success factor for MRV Banks. With steady growth and continuous demand, hiring became difficult and time consuming. MRV Banks turned to an online applicant tracking system to solve three critical issues.

Case Study

"We needed to reach more well-qualified applicants, get fewer unqualified applicants, and reduce the administrative time spent per job opening,” says Lydia Sumner, MRV Banks Director of Human Resources.

An online solution makes it easy to create and post job descriptions to popular job boards, social media and internal sites. This helps hiring managers reach a higher volume of qualified candidates in a shorter period of time. Applicants are automatically scored according to rules set by MRV Banks, helping them screen candidates before they are considered for an interview.

Knock-out questions are included in their questionnaire to eliminate candidates based on specific requirements of MRV Banks. The candidate view online through our portal makes it easy to see which candidates are qualified for the position before any effort is spent on reviews.

“With applicant tracking, we now easily post to multiple job boards and automatically prescreen applicants based on a required application and questionnaire,” says Sumner. “The most qualified applicants are easy to see on the dashboard. We also get fewer unqualified applicants because they self-select out during the application process.”

The company posted several jobs and hired a qualified Loan Processor within the first month using an applicant tracking methodology.

EEOC Compliance

As the company approaches 50 employees it becomes increasingly important to document hiring history and protocol.

With applicant tracking, employers create applications and questionnaires that all applicants complete. Each questionnaire has rules associated that assign a score to answers, making it easy to review at a glance. The system also streamlines interview scheduling, interview feedback and selection. All interactions during the hiring process are preserved for auditing and review.

HR Management Connection

Applicant tracking is part of a larger HR ecosystem at MRV Banks, including HR and timekeeping. This integrated system provides an employee portal for new hire onboarding, timekeeping, paystubs, company directory, and employee engagement. As an administrator, Sumner has single sign-on access to all functions of the system streamlining HR workflows and saving time and effort.

“These tools help us find and keep the best talent while improving our efficiency,” says Sumner. “That combination fuels our growth and supports our commitment to delivering premium banking services."

“The system applies the same prescreening rules to all applicants and the scoring is transparent to auditors, proving our commitment to fair hiring and equal opportunity,” Says Sumner.

Save time and administration hiring with an Applicant Tracking solution.

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