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Wouldn’t it be nice if paychecks created themselves?

Wouldn’t it be nice if paychecks created themselves?

Are you a business owner spending too much time on things you really don't want to be doing? If payroll administration and complex HR issues are taking up too much of your time, you’re not alone. Dealing with complex administrative tasks is one of the top concerns of small to medium sized business owners. You likely didn't go into business because you love running payroll or get excited about compliance or because working with the department of labor on a complex workers comp claim is what gets you up in the morning.

Lucky for you, we do love running payroll. We do get excited about compliance. Working out complex workers comp claims (and preventing them to begin with) does get us up in the morning.

Call us crazy, but we're Zamp HR and taking care of your employees is what we do!

We're a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We can provide tailored solutions to your demanding payroll administration, human resources, employee management, recruitment, timekeeping, compliance, benefits, workers compensation, and risk management tasks. When you have Zamp HR on your side, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Zamp HR was founded by Craig and Garth Allred, who have over 100 years of combined PEO leadership. Our team includes payroll, onboarding, accounting, benefits, and HR experts. Working with Zamp HR is different than outsourcing your payroll to a third party. We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" solutions. Working with Zamp HR is a partnership (we call it "coemployment"). That means we work together to provide you with tailored HR solutions.

When you work with Zamp, you'll know you're working with real people. You'll have your own personal Zamp team consisting of a payroll specialist, HR consultant, benefits liaison, and more. And they'll know more than the date you run your payroll and your PTO policy. They'll know your name, what makes your company tick, your employees' needs, your favorite local restaurant, and more. We keep the "human" in human resources, because we know your people are real people, and that's what matters most to us.

What is your pain point when it comes to payroll and human resources? Is it recruiting and onboarding new employees? Is it accurate payroll administration and avoiding hefty fines for tax errors? Is it timekeeping or scheduling? Is it job costing? Is it managing PTO? Is it benefit deductions? It is keeping up with the ever-changing employment and benefit laws? Is it safety? We have solutions for all of these common pain points and more!

Contact one of our HR consultants at (888) 407-1032 or info@zamphr.com and we’ll help you get on the road to smarter HR.